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Maidens of The World is a project of non manipulated surrealistic photography from around the earth.  This project started in 2010 and so far it has cover fine art photographs from 4 continents and the following unique and artistic cities:

New York , San Francisco, Arequipa, London, Melbourne, Bali, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Rotterdam, Los Angeles.

This is a single exposure photographic journey that explores the concept of surrealism through urban reflections. The abstraction of Maidens of the World explores concepts of philosophy through fine art photography.

This project wants to tap the creative powers of awareness and imagination by uniting illusion with reality. This venture tries to challenge the distinction between consciousness and physical matter, between mind and body.

These photographs are the artist’s perception of the philosophical aspect of illusion or Maya. Māyā, a sanskrit word, has several interpretations and may be understood as the phenomenal universe of perceived duality. Even though Maya is a controversial concept, the project’s approach is to discern duality through abstract reality.

The compositions created by the mannequins fusion with the reflection of the city environment aim to represent illusion or Maya.  

These Maidens are trying to breath in an illusory multidimensional atmosphere, symbolism of the natural duality of the material existence. The material universe is made of matter and energy. In this context the reflections of the urban environment represent the spiritual world and the mannequins symbolize the material world.  The impressions of Maidens of the world aim to explore the notion of duality as a representation of the physical body and the fine spiritual soul. 


Maiden of Amsterdam


Fashion Maidens of NYC


Lied, Maiden of Berlin


Fashion Maidens of NY II


Street Maidens Of Amsterdam


Bella, Maiden of Barcelona


Fashion Maidens of NYC  I


Sita, Maiden of Bali


Luft Lied, Maiden of Berlin




Maiden of SF

Maiden of SF


NYC Maidens

NYC Maidens


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