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Interview with David Perea –

A Renaissance Man





By Brad Carrick, Photos Courtesy of David Perea

As a fashion and entertainment attorney at Lord Bertram, I have the pleasure to work with artists that range from fashion designers, musicians, painters, producers, poets and beyond.  It is humbling to be surrounded by so many people with so much artistic talent.  Every once in a while, however, I am surrounded by wide talent in the form of a single person.  Recently, I met David Perea and had a chance to get to know his work and ideas.  A true Renaissance artist, David agreed to share some of his thoughts  ad work with Legally Vogue.  I hope you enjoy it!


LV: How did you get started in the industry? What was your inspiration?

I consider fashion to be walking art and a way to tell a story of who we are. As an artist I always felt attraction for aesthetics and design. Artists, we find inspiration from within, from the pleasure of expressing ourselves while connecting to the universe. However, I have a passion for poetry, fine art photography, languages, philosophy, architecture and traveling. In the past 7 years I have lived and traveled throughout many countries in four continents and I believe that the experience mold me into a Renaissance man. A Renaissance man in the context that I went through a rebirth process of my own personae. Renaissance, whose literal translation from French into English is “Rebirth” is what I felt after experiencing and exploring the beautiful diversity of our planet. This cultural awakening motivate me to search for human emotions and philosophical ideas to fusion with my art. With that said, my inspiration now is to celebrate cultural diversity through my artistic designs.


LV: How would you describe your particular artistic style?

Although my artwork is define by dynamic designs and colorful compositions. I don’t want to limit myself with any particular artistic style. I consider myself a citizen of the world, I speak four languages and that helps me express my art using different styles. For example, my creativity evolves and expands when I express myself in different languages or through mixed media. I want to explore different styles in order to challenge myself, learn and evolve. I believe in the fusion of diverse techniques in order to create new, original and unique artistic dimensions. Fashion and the arts do not belong to any particular culture and the fusion of artistic styles is part of human history.

LV: What challenges have you faced in turning your creative talents into a functioning business?

I am a San Francisco based artist, and the right network in this area is fundamental for success. I am grateful for the support I had from organizations, curators, fellow artists and designers from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond but it seems that in general people don’t support local artists, local farmers, local designers, local fishermen as much as they should. Nowadays people mostly support big corporations and they forget to support their local enterprises.


LV: What resources have you found helpful in this effort, and are there others you wish were available?

Nowadays e-commerce and social media are the best tools for independent artists and designers to foster their own enterprise. With E-tail and e-commerce you don’t need a lot of capital to start up a business. With technology and the internet you can self publish your art and design without the help of big corporations. In regards to resources that I wish were more available I think that entrepreneurs sometimes face legal challenges and to find the guidance of an attorney is key for achieving your goals.


LV: Any words of wisdom for someone looking to follow your footsteps and get into this business?

Passion, dedication and keeping a sustainable network are key for a successful career in the fashion and art world. Believing in yourself and your talent is necessary to evolve and grow. Follow your heart and don’t let negative comments/opinions be an obstacle in your path, you only need positive energy and honest support to succeed.

LV: What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the business?

My favorite part is the connection with other artists and designers and the option to grow and learn from them. My least favorite part of the business is exploitation of human and natural resources in the name of fashion and the arts.


LV: Where do you see the industry in 5-10 years?

I would like to see the industry become more holistic and organic with the help of the internet. I have three major views for the evolution of the fashion industry. The first one is that the industry will have to adapt to the increase of the digital market to showcase their items to a wide audience and with little expense. The second one is that because our natural resources are dwindling, the fashion industry will have to radically change its production methods. Companies have to think about supply chains, low-impact production, to use renewable resources and more sustainable practices. And last but not least the evolution of smart clothing. We will need to find new technology that fusion with our clothes without affecting comfort.

LV: What’s next for David Perea?

To continue mastering the fusion of art, design and poetry. I want to keep working with organic clothing made in the USA with companies like American Apparel. I am also implementing my art in fashion accessories, adornments and decoration. My fashion photography and artistic designs will be found not only in art galleries but in design and lifestyle showrooms around the world.

LV:  Thanks so much David, we cant wait to watch this journey unfold!  See more of David’s work here:



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