Salesroom Artist: David Perea

(Image: David Perea, Vintage, Maiden of Berlin, photography; © David Perea)


David Perea (b. 1979, Arequipa; Peru / lives in San Francisco, California)

David Perea Kihien is a self taught mixed media artist which work has evolved into visionary dimensions that challenge impressions and perceptions about ourselves and our planet. He creates visionary and positive compositions to discover new aesthetic personaes of the self.  

He has published books that are characterized by artful adventures of pictures & poems. Abstract explorations of metropolitan photographs fusion in poetic compositions. His Newest Project,  “Maidens of the World” is an photographic journey that explores the concept of surrealism through urban reflections.The idea of Maidens came from the desire to explore concepts of philosophy through photography. These graphics use the reflections of reality in order to express our spiritual nature. These photographs are the artist answer to the philosophical aspect of illusion or maya.  These Maidens, are manikins in different cities playing the role of personaes in a new environment of duality. These manikins are trying to breath in a multidimensional atmosphere, symbolism of the human soul and body.  The project wants to explore this duality which represents the material body and the fine spiritual body of the soul.  Cities: New York , San Francisco, London, Melbourne, Bali, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Rotterdam.


David Perea is offering a wide variety of fine art prints for sale in the ArtSlant Salesroom (here)

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